To order XYLITOL products please check out these web sites and links:

These links explain how xylitol works to help prevent decay and keep your mouth feeling and looking its best!!


And just for some fun:

How to brush your teeth in space......

This 5 minute video from Lifetime TV is a nice overview of prevention and care of your child's teeth:

Below you will find a wide array of interesting and educational links, both dental and general, that we feel will benefit your understanding and knowledge.

Listerine for kids information site:

This is a quick general info from PARENTS MAGAZINE January, 2010

home toothbrush sterilizer:

how to brush your teeth (children):

how to brush your teeth video(teens and up):

great source dental and medical questions: Web MD Oral Health

academy of pediatric dentistry:

Just for the Fun of It All

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